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The Battle For An Najaf

Artist James Dietz

The Battle For An Najaf<p> Artist James Dietz
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The Battle for An Najaf

Artist James Dietz

101st Airborne Division seizes the Iraqi city of An Najaf 1st Brigade Combat Team, “BASTOGNE” of the 101st Airborne Division captures the city of An Najaf. The fight to destroy conventional and Saddam Fedayeen forces in An Najaf, Iraq. April 2003.

The actions in and around An Najaf, Iraq in the early days of the war would prove to be an historic step for US forces in the war against Saddam Hussein. The myth that referred to the inability of US Forces to succeed in the urban centers of Iraq would be crushed in the streets of An Najaf. More importantly, the fight for An Najaf set the standard and precedence for actions in all the major Iraqi cities, including Baghdad. Over the course of two weeks, the 1st BCT demonstrated the soundness of our Army Doctrine and the agility of the American Soldier. Fighting as a member of a joint and combined arms team the “Bastogne” soldiers utilized the full range of precision combat power from the rifleman and artillery to the employment of armor, army aviation and coalition air force assets. The BCT synchronized conventional, special operations, and Iraqi forces to gain a foothold, clear the city, and initiate civil military operations. The result was the destruction of enemy forces in An Najaf, the protection of critical religious and infrastructure sites, and the initiation of humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq. The balance of these diverse missions set the tone for the 101st Division’s remaining ten months in Iraqi and set the precedence for future Army operations.

Image Size: 15" x 25"

Overall Size: 21.5" x 31"

1000 Military Edition (Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered)