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Let Go!

Artist Don Stivers SOLD OUT

Let Go!<p>Artist Don Stivers SOLD OUT
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Product Description

LET GO! Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered: 1000

Size: 24" x 18"

Commemorating the Heritage of the Army Warrant Officers Corps. An act of Congress in July 1918 established the Army Mine Planter Service as part of the Coast Artillery Corps. The act designated warrant offices to serve as masters, mates, chief engineers and assistant engineers of mine-planting vessels. The shouted command, "Let Go," caused a mine, anchor, and accompanying cables to be released into the water. Contact mines were simply anchored. Mines fired by an electrical impulse were connected to an onshore observation and firing station by a series of cables and distribution boxes. This artwork portrays the scene with mines being planted by a larger "planter" ship. Several smaller distribution boats (called "j" boats) are standing by to receive the cables.

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